1955 Bowman Frank Gatski #3 – #Mailday

If you’ve been reading the blog, you know that for the right price, I love to pick up Frank Gatski cards.  If you’re interested to know why, you can click here to see my previous posts on “Gunner.”

This is my third copy of this card and you can be the judge on if it’s the worst condition one of the three.  The one I picked up before this was badly miscut, but this one is stained like someone spilled a Coke on it or something.  Not to worry, though.  I am giving it a great home.

img320 img321

I have seen many copies of this card with asking prices well over the listed book value ($40).  Sorry, I’m not paying more than book price if others aren’t buying copies of it at that same price.  Feel free to ask whatever price you want.  Those outrageous prices made me very happy to pick this one up at about an eighth of book value.

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