2015-16 MVP Printing Plate #Mailday for #TheAndrewShawProject

One frustrating thing about being a player supercollector is that you just never know when 1/1s or other rare cards are going to show up.  If they are from anything but the newest product, I often wonder if they will ever show up.  If they do, will I have the funds available to make it happen?

At least with newer products, you know when an item will be released and that you might want to have a few bucks “laying around” for when one of the cards on your checklist comes available.  The best thing about printing plates is that they usually sell for much less than other 1/1s.  I was able to pick this one up for less than $15 (with shipping and everything).  That’s a much better than the hundreds that I’d have to shell out to pick up the Andrew Shaw The Cup 1/1.

img326 img327

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