2015 Topps Archives Retail Box Break

Yesterday my dad took me, my wife, and my son out to eat for a quick lunch. But, in doing so, he also brought along a retail box of 2015 Topps Archives from Walmart to open as my son’s first official box of cards (he’s just shy of 10 months old).  

Let’s take a look at what we pulled. 

The guaranteed Will Ferrell card that we pulled was unfortunately the Diamondbacks version.  I would’ve rather gotten a Giants or Dodgers one but I’m happy to have gotten it nonetheless. 

We also pulled a Mike Bordick on-card autograph showcasing the 1989 Topps design. I was never much of a Mike Bordick fan but I’ve been going back and collecting stars from when I was growing up so this is one that will stay in my collection. 

All but one of the packs were opened (keeping one unopened for my son) and while we pulled an auto and a Will Ferrell, there were no color parallels or SPs to be found.  I wonder if one of those may be in that lone unopened pack. Maybe we’ll find out in a decade or so. 

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