2015 Topps Archives Signature Series: Leave ‘Em In or Take ‘Em Out?

As you may have seen lately, Topps recently released a neat set called Topps Archives Signature Series.  This product is definitely for the risk takers out there as you get one encased autographed buyback card per box. Boxes are roughly $50-55 per and while there are some awesome cards to be had, there’s plenty of duds from a purely financial, rate-of-return aspect.

As you can see from the picture, each stamped buyback card from Topps Archives Signature Series is encased in a BCW magnetic holder. Each holder also has the gold Topps Archives Signature Series sticker providing a tamper-evident seal.

So here’s my question to you. Do you leave the card in the BCW magnetic holder or do you remove it and why?

I have my thoughts and I’ll chime in later but I first want to hear what our readers have to say. Post a comment in the comment section below or tweet us about it.


  1. For me, if I’m reselling them I have to leave them in the One a Touch holders. But, the ones I’m keeping for my collection will probably be taken out. They have the stamp so I still have a way to how they’re authentic.

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