Who’s Ready For Fantasy Football?

We’ve decided to host at least one fantasy football league this year and we are going to give away some great prizes in doing so!

If you’re interested in participating, direct message us @beansbcardblog with your email address (or email me at jasondeanmartin@gmail.com) and we’ll send you a signup link. 

Here are some notes about our league(s):

  • all leagues will be ESPN based leagues
  • 12 teams per league
  • all leagues will use traditional ESPN scoring and rosters
  • TBD sportscard-oriented prizes will be awarded weekly for each league’s high scoring team
  • each league champion will also receive a TBD sportcard-oriented prize
  • these leagues are completely free to join
  • all drafts will be online and live but you do not have to be present during the draft if you would like your team to be auto-drafted
  • ANY inappropriate behavior will NOT be tolerated 

Lastly, this is meant to be fun. Please refrain from doing anything that may be deemed rude or inappropriate by others. 


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