2016 Topps Chrome Sapphire Cards Have Landed on eBay

Jason Dean Martin

August 26, 2016

In case you’re one of the few that hasn’t heard the news of Topps’ $1500 complete set offering, let me enlighten you a bit.

For the first time ever, Topps announced on 8/22 that they would be releasing a complete set of Topps Chrome featuring all 700 subjects from the flagship set and it would be an online exclusive limited to 250 sets.  While there was some initial excitement from would-be buyers, that excitement quickly turned to outrage as the $1500 price tag was revealed.  Many assumed it would be priced in the neighborhood of $500.

*On a sidenote that may have only upset me, Topps announced that the set would be released on 8/24 but it was actually available for purchase the evening of 8/23. Whether or not that was an accident or planned, had that set immediately sold out, there would have been some angry collectors out there for what would have been considered “bad business” on Topps’ part.

I even had intentions of purchasing one of these sets to break up and sell singles on eBay until I saw the price. That was just too much of a gamble for me.

However, tonight I realized that I was not the not the only one with that idea as singles and team sets have finally appeared on eBay! Unless you’re a vintage collector, this may be the most expensive team set you’ll ever purchase.  Currently, one seller has team sets ranging from $100-200 but others have a few priced as low as $60. Either way, they’re not cheap!

I would have to say that this one of Topps’ strangest products even if it is an online exclusive.  But, who am I to judge, especially if they sell all 250 sets. Keep an eye on these cards as I’m expecting some hefty prices once the smoke clears, especially for the rookies of Schwarber and Seager!

Here’s more information about the set direct from the Topps website:

  • First time ever to offer all 700 cards from Series 1 & 2 in Chrome
  • Only 250 sets produced
  • 2 Superfractors per box (500 subjects)
  • At least 13 Sapphire 65th anniversary parallel cards # to 5 per set (700 subjects)
  • Base cards are Blue Sapphire (700 subjects)
  • 715 Cards per set
  • Printed on chrome technology
  • Comes in high-end material special collectors

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