2016 Topps Double Play Rip Cards: I Pulled One, Now What?

As you may have guessed from the title, I just pulled a Double Play rip card from 2016 Topps Series 2 after visiting a local Target. But, now I’m faced with a dilemma: rip it or cash in?

Here’s information about the rip cards straight from the Topps website:

You might want to check those box scores closely to see if you’re a winner in our latest in-product game, “Double Play,” which is only found in 2016 Topps Baseball Series 2.

But first, you’ll have to make a choice when you pull the Double Play cards – rip it or keep intact.

Double Play is a new game added to 2016 Topps Baseball Series 2 with baseball fans rooting for the player on the card to fulfill his predicted event. For example, if you rip the card and the mini card inside says Mike Trout hits a home run on September 18, 2016, – and he hits a home run on that date – you win the prize listed on the mini card.

The prizes range from a unique Topps card, an autograph card, memorabilia, MLB authentic items, a trip to the World Series, the All-Star Game, and much more.

No mini card is the same either.

There will never be a card that has the same player, date, event or prize listed on it making each rip mini card a 1-of-1. But the only way to find out what’s inside is to rip the other card.

Of course, you can always keep the outer card intact, leaving the mini a mystery and adding another unique card to your collection.

Q. What happens if the player is on the DL at the time of the date listed on the card?

A. The player is not eligible to win anything.

Q. What if the game is rained out?

A. The prize card is only eligible for the date in question, not any make-up games.

Q. If my player meets the requirements, how do I redeem the card?

A. The card needs to be mailed into Topps on the address listed on the back of the mini card.

Q. How do I know what prize I have won?

A. The prize is listed on the front of the mini card.

Q. Will I get my mini 1/1 card back after it’s sent in?

A. Yes. Since none of the mini cards feature the same content (player, date, event, prize), we can track the cards that are sent in and we will send them back to you to keep the 1/1 in your collection.

Being that each rip card is essentially a 1/1, this is the second 1/1 that I have ever pulled and the first from a retail pack. 

But, let’s get back to the real issue here: do I rip it and take the chance that Joey Bats comes through for me or do I cash it in?

If you follow me at all, you may have noticed that I have put it up for sale on a couple forums. Even though I’ve done that, I still haven’t fully made up my mind. I’d love to hear what the readers think I should do with this card!

Happy collecting!


  1. In the past I have usually made the decision to sell the card when I pull something like that. One time I pulled a Derek Jeter Rip Card from a box of Allen & Ginter and sold it, turning around and purchasing a much cheaper Craig Kimbrel Rip Card to rip open instead. It would be hard in this case, though, but what are the odds that 1) the player meets the goal printed on the card and 2) the subsequent prize is worth more to you than the selling price on this card?

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