The Basic Blueprint for #TheAndrewShawProject

I really pride myself on not often overpaying for cards that I need.  The 2015-16 Upper Deck Full Force set was released and contained two Andrew Shaw cards.  One was the Blueprint card and the other an autographed (sticker, BLECH!) version.

I refused to pay $3 or $4 for a common card.  When you add in shipping fees, that’s what it essentially comes to.  There was a copy that hit eBay that had free shipping and I went to almost $2 on it, but someone outbid me.

Finally, a friend opened a box and hit the card I needed.  I’ve remained calculated when new cards came out and again, I was smart for waiting.

2015-16 Full Force Blueprint #BPAS Andrew Shaw

It’s nice to have friends in the hobby that will help you out.



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