Mailday: Expanding Horizons & Indianapolis Motor Speedway

As I’ve shifted my collecting focus to vintage racing and (some) football, it’s become apparent that I need to think outside the box.  In both sports, there isn’t a ton out there from before 1948.

On the racing side, I’ve opened up to postcards.  I attended a postcard show last month and my eyes were opened to a whole new world.  I never knew so much was available or that there was so much interest.  I discovered a lot of vintage Indianapolis Motor Speedway ones and even picked up a few.  At some point, I will post them.  However, this one was an eBay pickup.  I am delighted with it and only paid $2 (INCLUDING the shipping).

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Local Card Show Vintage Football Pickups

In March, the local card show that I attend most held their first two day show.  It drew more sellers, including some that I hadn’t seen before.  I was excited to find out that Roger Neufeldt would be setting up.  He sells vintage and sets up at large shows across the nation.  Unfortunately, he did not have any of the vintage racing that I was looking for.  I did pick up a few poor-conditioned football cards from the bargain box.

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Mailday: 1986 Bosch Indy Set UPGRADES!

I hinted in my “Mailday: 1986 Bosch Indy Set & Duplicates” post that there was more to come.  I picked those cards up from eBay fully knowing that they weren’t in the best shape.  However, I lucked into some upgrades very quickly.

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A Burt Reynolds Football Card and Other COMC Randomness

Who doesn’t love Burt Reynolds?  I can’t pick my favorite Reynolds character, but it’s either Stroker Ace or The Bandit.  I can’t name another character he’s played.  I did know that he played college football and his card is the highlight of this post!

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Topps Now: I like it now, but why are secondary prices so high?

Before today I hadn’t put much thought into the “Topps Now” program.  I don’t care at all about baseball.  That’s item number one.  I’m no curmudgeon, but I find a lot of the internet “advances” in the hobby disconcerting.

On the Beckett Radio episode that dropped today, the guys talked about it a bit and I am at least warming to it.  Unless there’s a Jedd Gyorko that comes available I won’t likely buy one, but I’m more likely now than I was three hours ago.

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CM Punk Autos Selling Well on Release Day

If you’ve followed us on Twitter today, you have seen the tweets about how well these cards are selling.  The first tweet was this morning, just after the first one became available.  This afternoon, Ryan Cracknell posted a piece on about early sales.  The reason I posted throughout the day is that I want one of these.  First items onto eBay tend to pull the most money, so I am biding my time and watching sales closely.

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