Multiple Maildays From One Fellow Collector

Every once in awhile I receive main from Jason and I never know what’s going to be inside.  We each find things from time to time that the other would want and we send them.  No need for “I’ll give you (this and this) for (this and this).”  All three of these came at separate times.

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Settling for a Hall-of-Famer Autograph

Sometimes you just have to take what you can get.  Cale Yarborough is a NASCAR Hall of Famer, but he also ran the Indianapolis 500 four times.  I’d love to acquire a certified autographed card of him pictured with one of the open-wheel cars.  However, IndyCar’s lack of interest in promoting their sport through any kind of trading cards makes that unlikely to ever happen.  So, I settle for a NASCAR autograph.

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Sportslots Mailday…for Autographs

As I continue to send TTM Autograph requests, Sportlots is going to be getting a lot of my business.  It’s a great place to buy commons and in bulk.  When I find a lot of cards from one seller (and just one shipping fee), it puts a smile on my face.  It’s much cheaper overall than eBay or even COMC.

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COMC Pickups for the Indianapolis 500

Since I’m heading to Indiana for the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500, I’ve been picking up some cards.  My hope is to get them signed.  Saturday is “Legends Day” at the track and the track has a lot of the former drivers come back to sign autographs.  Any that I can’t get signed, I will look to find addresses for and send to get signatures.

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Pay it Forward Mailday from Net54

I haven’t been as active on the Net 54 boards lately.  I’ve been focusing more on acquiring cards to take to Indianapolis in hopes of getting autographs this week.  Because of that, I haven’t have much to post about on there.  There are threads on there that I follow because I love seeing what other people pick up.

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Liberating Bill Vukovich from Canada

I have enough eBay saved searches that I’m almost at the limit.  I’ve had to delete some to add others.  I’m glad that I did.  If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have this card right now.

It’s from a set that I didn’t even know about, but it popped up because of a saved search that I have for another set.

Parkhurst cards were made in Canada and the seller was in Canada.  I guess Bill Vukovich has spent over 60 years north of the border.  It was my obligation and destiny to bring him home.

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