A Hall of Fame TTM Return

I had read that this particular MLB Hall of Fame member was a great signer through the mail but I had my doubts because of his popularity. Once again, I was proven wrong (Don’t tell my wife)!

Can you guess who it might be by the picture below?

Clue #1: He played for one team for the length of his career. 

Clue #2: His mustache gives Tom Selleck’s a run for its money!

Clue #3: Do you really need this clue?

If you guessed……..




Mike Schmidt, you are correct!

Mike signed both of the cards I included for free and within approximately two weeks. The one on the right from the 1990 Topps set is going towards my signed set, which is far from completion. 

If you’d like to get a Schmidt autograph through the mail, you can send it to him in c/o the National Baseball HOF in Cooperstown, New York. 

Happy collecting!


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