PACK BREAK: 7 Packs of 2012-13 Score Hockey

When I went to a small card show on Saturday, these weren’t the packs I was hoping to walk out with.  I was disappointed to find that what I went for had sold, but I still grabbed a few things.   Continue reading


PACK BREAK: 4 Packs of 2014-15 Fleer Ultra Hockey

Kin Kinsley
November 28, 2016

Saturday I posted about some card show pickups. I didn’t get the packs that I went there to get, but I still ended up with some. This is the first of two breaks. Continue reading

Card Show Disappointment and Finds

Kin Kinsley
November 26, 2016

I was a bad fan today. About 2:30, it hit me that I’d intended to go to the card show that is about five miles from the house. At 2:30, both the WVU game and Iron Bowl were starting. Oops.

I REALLY wanted to head over because at the last show (two weeks ago), one of the sellers had 15 2013-14 Panini Prizm Hanger Packs. I should have bought them. Each one contained three packs and a pack of three red prizms, exclusive to these target packs. So, I decided to head over, grab them and hopefully be back within an hour.

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TTM Success(es) #34 – It’s Been Awhile

Kin Kinsley
November 24, 2016

I’ve really slowed down on mailing out TTM requests. You may have noticed that I’m posting less as well. The two combined means has led to it being awhile since I’ve posted TTM successes. Many of you have commented that you like them, so today is your lucky (Thanksgiving) Day! Continue reading

Recent Acquisitions

Kin Kinsley
November 23, 2016

My posts on the blog have slowed down, but my collecting has not. I have still been picking up cards now and then but just haven’t shared all of them. However, today is the day.

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BOX BREAK: 2015-16 Upper Deck Series 2 Blaster

Kin Kinsley
November 15, 2016

Whenever I am somewhere out of my normal area and come across a Target or Walmart, I try to stop in if time allows. I’m not going to find many discounted blasters in my local area that I’m interested in, because I’ve already bought them. A little over a week ago I was on the other side of Fort Worth and stopped in a Target. I was thrilled to find a 2015-16 Upper Deck Hockey Series 2 blaster. I wasn’t passing it up at $12.99. Continue reading