TTM Success(es) #34 – It’s Been Awhile

Kin Kinsley
November 24, 2016

I’ve really slowed down on mailing out TTM requests. You may have noticed that I’m posting less as well. The two combined means has led to it being awhile since I’ve posted TTM successes. Many of you have commented that you like them, so today is your lucky (Thanksgiving) Day!

Without getting into the specific times on each of the returns (plus, I was about about keeping track of these returns) I can say that all of these came back to me very quickly.


I have heard it said that Tom Selleck’s cards are signed by a secretary, as an FYI.

I cannot find two of my other returns, but they are hopefully somewhere in this house.  I also received quick replies from Bobby Bowden and Bob Cousy (one card each).  When I do find them, I will add to a later post.  I plan to write a few requests up over this long weekend.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may all your TTM requests come back successfully!


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