Thanksgiving Eve Mailday

Kin Kinsley
November 27, 2016

On Wednesday I posted about some recent maildays and shortly after that post, the mail arrived at the homestead. There were two bubble mailers, so you get a two-for-on bonus.

This is a pickup from a auction.  To be quite honest, I didn’t know that Doug Gilmour ever played for the Blackhawks.  It was during my college years and I was in a hockey blackout time.  He will never be remembered as a Hawk, but he fits in nicely with some of my legends autographs.

After inactivity for months in my Andrew Shaw collecting, I’m getting to “that” point again.  This is one of the last available cards that I didn’t have.  Off the top of my head, there’s just one more that is out there, I can get and the seller isn’t asking $150+ for.

With this addition, the stats on The Andrew Shaw Project:
73% (132/180 cards) including 1/1s
89% (123/138) with 9 of the 42 1/1s
3 additional cards purchased on COMC, but not in hand yet

Happy collecting!

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