1936 Goudey set the perfect introduction for new pre-war collectors

Pre-War Card Magazine

24 - Paul WanerOne of the more common questions I’ve gotten from collectors is where to start with regards to pre-war collecting. But despite answering it numerous times, it’s never that easy of a question, to be honest.

I can’t really spin someone around in circles with a blindfold on and simply say, ‘go’. As with anything, there are plenty of considerations. What do you like? What’s your budget like? How do you want to collect (sets, by type, specific players, etc.)? Once I have a grip on those, it’s generally pretty easy to make some recommendations.

In general, though, there are a few ‘go tos’ that I can offer. I’ve done this enough that I can rattle off a few options based on specific tastes of collectors. And whenever I’m asked for an easy starting point, one option that I find myself continually recommending is the 1936 Goudey set.

What’s a Goudey?


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