A 20-Year-Old Redemption Fulfilled, and Why I Have Never Been a Happier Collector

Lew Dawson 1997 LeafI started collecting cards during the late 1980s (baseball, football, and eventually basketball) and can honestly say that I have never enjoyed collecting more than I currently do.  Note, this is not equivalent to saying that I enjoy modern cards the most (my favorite era to collect is actually the late 1990s).  But before I go further into my discussion about enjoying The Hobby, let me provide a brief anecdote:

This story begins in December 2016.  I had just created LinguaSportsCards.com and was looking for topics to talk about.  To that end, I ordered a few boxes of 1990s cards from online sellers.  One of these boxes was 1997 Leaf football.  Inside one of the packs was a redemption for an autographed Len Dawson card numbered to /1948. I took a picture of the redemption card, and posted it on Twitter.  I did not get much of a reaction.  I…

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