Are the Demmitt and O’Hara T206 St. Louis Cards Underrated?

Pre-War Card Magazine

In terms of the true rarities of the T206 baseball card set, most collectors break down this issue as the ‘Big 4 and Everything Else.’

There’s certainly no disputing that there are four pretty rare cards here. But two more in the set probably don’t really deserve to merely be lumped in with the remaining 520 cards.

About the Big 4

Honus Wagner T206If you’re unfamiliar with the T206 set, I’ve sort of written an FAQ article breaking it down a little. Much more in-depth information exists and there are websites solely devoted to this specific set. But if you’re new to it and want a place to start, here you go.

Don’t have that much time? Well, in a nutshell, the T206 set is arguably the most important and the most popular baseball card set of all time. While other sets such as the 1952 Topps issue or the 1933…

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