Unrivaled: Why T206 Remains the Top Baseball Card Set of All Time

Pre-War Card Magazine

Over the years, collectors have offered differing opinions when it comes to the determining the best baseball card set of all time. With thousands of issues, after all, there are plenty choose from.

The 1933 Goudey set, full of its stars, squareness, and history of being the most recognizable gum issue is there. So is the 1951 Bowman set with its rookie cards of Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays – the two most popular players for an entire generation of collectors. A year later came the landmark 1952 Topps set. All fine sets with credible claims as top five issues.

But if we’re serious about this thing, folks, there’s only one set that can stake a true claim to being the best issue in the best hobby around – and that’s the T206 white border set.

If you’re a newb to the pre-war era, here’s a rundown on the…

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Bean’s Assessment – Ultra PRO (@UltraProIntl) Black Border ONE TOUCH Magnetic Holders

A few weeks ago, Go GTS published an article about some new Ultra PRO items.  One Ultra Pro item in particular really intrigued me – the black border one touch.

I’m a guy that’s moved in the vintage direction in the last couple of years.  I understand that PSA is the grading company of choice for most.  Beckett appears to be the second most popular.  However, I prefer SGC.  The primary reason is the black bordered cases.  They are the most visually appealing to my eyes and I’m one that encourages collectors to collect what YOU like.


I shared the tweet on Twitter from my card account (@beansbcardblog) and was surprised to receive a handful of replies.  In general, I don’t receive replies when I’m sharing blog posts or industry news on Twitter.  All replies were positive and I was thrilled to see others sharing my opinion.

I wanted to get my hands on one of these to review and was successful.  I bring you my thoughts on them and a few pictures.

When I first saw the post my thoughts immediately went to vintage cards.  I mentioned that I SGC is my grader of choice but that just applies to vintage.  I have no preference on modern cards but due to being close to Beckett, if I submit anything it’s to them.

If I’m going to show show pictures of a vintage card, I might as well go big, right?


I definitely like the look better with the black bordered case.  What I liked better on this particular card was the back because of the color.


The red certainly pops against the black.  That leads me to where my thoughts went after vintage.  I am a Chicago Blackhawks fan and some of my favorite cards are ones with black or red borders.  It hit me that those red borders might look very nice.


Without a doubt, it lived up to my expectations.  In part due to a four year-old iPhone camera and part due to the shadow I couldn’t get around, the pictures do the actual look no justice.  If you’ve read my posts before, you know that I’m not here to blow smoke up anyone’s arse.  If I think something sucks, I’ll say it.

I do have one criticism of the product, but it won’t stop me from purchasing them.  Unfortunately, only the front piece of the two-part holder is black.  The back piece is clear.

This is the first time that I’ve reviewed something and assigned a “score.”  I’m going to use three beans as what I can assign, one for each “B” in the blog name.  I’m giving this product 2.75 out of three beans.

These aren’t out on the market yet but per the Go GTS post are scheduled to release in March.  So, what say you?  Do you have any interest in these whatsoever?  Why or why not?  PLEASE leave a comment below either way.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and maybe someone from Ultra Pro will read this.

Happy collecting!

How Fleer Won the Parallel Battle but Lost the War

Wax Heaven

In the height of this blog’s popularity, Topps’ Superfractor parallel ruled the hobby. It was a craze which I didn’t understand. Looking back, I see it was all about the “1 of 1” and essentially having the best parallel, from the most popular brand of any given prospect that was hot at the time. These days, Topps has mixed things up quite a bit to keep collectors from getting Superfractor burnout. Panini America also has their own version of the Superfractor, which is like the Walmart version of a Target product. The “Gold Vinyl” cards look good, I suppose, but Panini came to the party WAY too late.

Ironically, while Panini America clearly ripped off Topps’ Superfractor design, the true Godfather of the Superfractor, in my opinion, comes from 1992 Donruss Elite inserts. Why is that ironic? Because Panini America owns and uses the Donruss license so technically…

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Is Upper Deck Due for A Comeback?

Wax Heaven

Like a lot of things in my life, I have a love/hate relationship with the Topps Company. For one, I have been absolutely addicted to their Finest brand since 1996 and have been a Refractor junkie for almost as long. These days, I classify myself more as a nostalgia card blogger than a bonafide card collector. I’d much rather write about cards from the 90s than spend money on 2018 products, it’s just a fact. If I were to buy cards outside of my Jose Canseco collection it would most certainly be from a late-90s Skybox/Fleer or Pinnacle/Leaf release. That being said, all you need to do is look at some of my latest posts to see that I am a fan of Topps baseball cards. With that being said, I am very unhappy.

I am collector who lives for the days of being able to choose. I love pizza…

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