Ten of the Rarer, Somewhat Under the Radar, T206 Commons

Pre-War Card Magazine

The T206 set is widely known for its ‘Big 4’ in terms of the rarest cards in the set. Led by the Honus Wagner card, these four cards (Wagner, Joe Doyle N.Y. Nat’l, Sherry Magie error, and Eddie Plank) are often out of the reach of collectors in terms of price.

Beyond those, there are another five cards, which are known to be tough. That includes the St. Louis versions of the Bill O’Hara and Ray Demmitt cards as well as the Bill Dahlen Brooklyn and Kid Elberfeld Washington portraits, which are rarer than their Boston and New York counterparts, respectively, as are the George Brown Washington cards compared to his more plentiful Chicago versions.

Continuing down the line are some other known tough commons. There are the John Titus cards, which were difficult to find for some time due to at least one collector hoarding copies of them. Same…

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