Ten Ways to Help Avoid Fakes in the Vintage Card Market

Pre-War Card Magazine

In addition to which sets to collect or how to start a collection of pre-war cards, one of the most common questions I’m asked is how to avoid fakes.

The best answer, really, is that knowing what’s legit and not legit is best learned with experience with certain issues. Until you get a feel for handling certain cards and seeing them in person, identifying fakes can be somewhat difficult. Even if, for example, you’re familiar with T206 cards that same experience may not always translate over to trying to determine authentic Goudey cards.

Also, always consider the player. A Babe Ruth card is much more likely to be faked than your average, everyday common card. Fakes of lesser cards do happen. A lot. But generally, those aren’t happening at anywhere near the rate of big name cards.

Keep in mind that these are more guidelines and not rules. These are…

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