When World War I hit, baseball card production dropped

Pre-War Card Magazine

While pre-war cards are associated with World War II, issues from the World War I era always fascinate me. Production of tobacco and caramel cards was at an all-time high around 1910 but, as you might expect, production of baseball cards heavily dipped during World War I.

Even if you only count the massive T206 set as one release, there were still about 100 baseball card sets printed from 1909 through 1913. From 1914 through 1918? Similar to T206, if we count the M101-4 and M101-5 sets as one set (they had many sponsor advertising backs), there were only about 1/3 as many printed.

Many of those sets, too, were of the smaller or regional variety. Only a few major sets were printed during that time and here’s a look at most of them.

1914 and 1915 Cracker Jack (E145)

14CJ 103 JacksonThese were among the most significant sets to come out…

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