Fake T213 Coupon and Rare T206 Backs Provide a Valuable Reminder

Pre-War Card Magazine

The rebacking of cards has been a popular scam in the past. That practice, if you’re not aware of it, is taking a card, skinning an unpopular back off of it and adding a more desirable back to it.

Rebacking is generally done for two reasons. In some cases, cards that have been glued into scrapbooks and then removed have heavily damaged backs. Adding a new back as a replacement fixes that damage. In other cases, cards with perfectly good backs have been replaced with fake backs of ultra scarce cards.

This is probably best seen in the cases of T206 cards, which have numerous backs – some much more valuable and desirable than others. In this scam, a collector would take a card with a common back and replace it with a much more scarce back to make it a more expensive card.

A new surge in…

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2 thoughts on “Fake T213 Coupon and Rare T206 Backs Provide a Valuable Reminder

  1. Been following that thread over there. The fallout for me is that I’m even more hesitant to buy raw cards unless I know and trust the source. Which is always a good MO but it also means that I’m skipping past many legit cards, some of which are perfect for my needs. That kid’s foolishness (and the others like him) hurts a lot of people indirectly.

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    • Fortunately, most of my are very low-end with common backs. So far, I think I’m safe. I definitely have SO much to learn. It seems weekly that I find something major that I have no idea about.


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