A Burt Reynolds Football Card and Other COMC Randomness

Who doesn’t love Burt Reynolds?  I can’t pick my favorite Reynolds character, but it’s either Stroker Ace or The Bandit.  I can’t name another character he’s played.  I did know that he played college football and his card is the highlight of this post!

2007 Donruss Elite Extra Edition School Colors #SC-27 Burt Reynolds

What I did not know is that before a knee injury, he was considered an All-American calibur player.  I can’t say whether that is true or slightly embellished for the bio on the back.  Does anyone out there know?

2007 Donruss Elite Extra Edition School Colors #SC-27 Burt Reynolds (back)
2015-16 Upper Deck Silver Foil Board #38 Andrew Shaw

Yes, an Andrew Shaw card is not the highlight of this post.  It has nothing to do with him, just a lack of thrill in new cards.

1962 Topps #190 Wally Moon

I picked this Wally Moon card up to get autographed.  He an Lindy McDaniel were scheduled to sign at a local show in March.  I had cards from earlier seasons to get signed, but decided to get ones from all the sets that they were BOTH in.  Unfortunately, Mr. Moon’s wife passed away that week.  He wasn’t able to attend, understandably so.  It’s the second time I’ve missed having him sign.  It will happen someday, though!

These two cards were picked up with the sole intention of sending them for TTM autographs.  I recently picked up a complete set of these, so I plan to send hoping to get both signed.

The last two were cards I wouldn’t have normally bought.  However, a guy that I know tweeted that he had just marked some items down.  I took a look and elected to grab them. I often times wish I had more self control.

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  1. That Burt is awesome, regardless if the back is a little inflated. I might have to get me one of those. Also, Stroker Ace is probably my favorite of Burt’s movies; that, or Cannonball Run.

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