A Fat Guy Mailday for my 1955 All American Set

When I began my project, I figured that I would look to only buy cards in person for this set.  I figured it would take longer and give me a bigger sense of accomplishment.  Sometimes things change.

I decided to mark my cards on COMC down 75% over Black Friday.  It’s stuff that they’ve had for a couple of years and just hasn’t sold.  I ended up having some money in my account, so I decided that I’d pick up some singled for my set.  I ended up buying ten cards, quite the haul for a 102-card set.

When I got them and showed them to the lady (she at least feigns some interest in my collecting), she pointed out something that I hadn’t noticed.  There were a few “heavy” names among the ten.  I had gotten cards of “Pudge” Heffelfinger, “Chub” Peabody, “Fats” Henry and “Pug” Lund.  Also, I already had the “Biggie” Munn card.

Other than the initial lot of cards I bought from Baseball Card Exchange, this was the biggest acquisition of cards for this set that I’d picked up at one time.  I’ve walked out of Nick’s Sports Cards with four or five a couple of times.  If you’ve read this far, you just want to see what I picked up.

1955 Topps All American #2 John Kimbrough
1955 Topps All American #3 Ed Weir
1955 Topps All American #4 Erny Pinckert
1955 Topps All American #18 Pudg.Heffelfinger SP

This Heffelfinger is one of the cards I was really happy to pick up.  It “books” $40 but with the Black Friday sales, I was able to pick it up for $1.50.  Even with a crease, I will take that!

1955 Topps All American #53 John F. Green
1955 Topps All American #58 Ed Franco
1955 Topps All American #72 Chub Peabody
1955 Topps All American #79 Pug Lund
1955 Topps All American #98 Beattie Feathers SP

This was the second of three big pickups in this group.  As you can see, it’s obviously not a high grade specimen.  I was able to nab this one for $9.25.  “Book” is 100, so I was quite happy to pick this up for less than 10% of book.

1955 Topps All American #100 Fats Henry SP

This card is the last one in the set, card #100.  If you know nothing about vintage, you still probably know that the first and last cards in a set are the toughest to find in good condition.  I will certainly upgrade to another Henry card in time.  I was able to get this copy of a $200 “book value” card for $8.05.  Just 4% of book value?  Yes, please!

I have five more cards from the set on the way, so if you’re interested in my progress, keep checking for more posts!

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