A Hodge Podge of Cards

My wife, son and I recently moved and as some of our readers may have noticed, my posts on the blog have been lacking. But, last night and this morning while my son was sleeping I was able to just take a few minutes for myself and thumb through some cards I’ve recently purchased.  I recently purchased this sealed 1991 Score baseball factory set for $10 from Sports Collectors Universe (@scuuniontownpa) in my new hometown of Uniontown, PA.  This was something I wanted as a kid but was never able to get.  So much of my collecting now revolves around acquiring nostalgia items that this was something I couldn’t pass up!  It’ll probably always stay sealed, too.  I also opened a sealed set of 1992-93 Topps NHL Hockey just for the heck of it. I’m not a hockey collector and this was part of a collection given to me a year ago so had no value to me sealed or not. The 20 Topps Gold cards were a nice stroll down memory lane and the best one was of Patrick Roy. But, the more interesting find (in my opinion) was the amount of badly miscut cards. No notable names were part of the miscut lot but they were all from the C sheet.  I found this Steve Spurrier last night and I’m really not even sure where it came from but it’s already getting a new home. Kin is in need of this particular Spurrier card and it’ll be in the mail on its way to him very soon! I also found this 1990 Score Ryne Sandberg error card (it’s missing his position there in the name bar).  This was in an unsealed factory set acquired in a collection about 18 months ago. I’ve just never had a chance to look for it. There’s a handful of other potential errors that might also be in this set and maybe one day I’ll get around to looking for those as well.  

 The last subject here is a 1989 Bo Jackson Classic card. I found this one rummaging through a 5000ct box and still to this day it’s one of my favorites.  It ranks up there with the 1990 Topps Bo Jackson but it’ll never surpass it on my list of favorites.  And check out that signature box on the back! A very cool idea but how many signatures would actually fit in there? Not many. 

Well that’s it for me today. I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane as much as I did!

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