A Magnificent Mario #Mailday

For me, one of the biggest challenges of online trading comes when someone wants a card that you have, you’re more than happy to trade it off, but can’t find anything from them that you’re really that interested in.  It happens to me weekly.  There have been times I’ve made trades because I felt I “had” to.  They were interested in a card (or cards) that nobody else has inquired about, so I really tried to make them work.

A couple of weeks ago, another collector on Sport Card Forum asked me about an Evgeny Kuznetsov Canvas Young Guns that I had.  I picked this card up back over the winter as trade bait.  I was trading with someone that’s since become a regular trading partner and he didn’t have much PC stuff, so this was one I worked into the trade.  I thought I had a trade for this card worked out a few months ago, but the trader stopped replying.

I took a look through this collector’s bucket and just didn’t see anything that I was too interested in adding to my PC.  The one I was truly interested in was a Mario Lemieux rookie that looked low grade.  Beckett “high” book on the Lemieux is $100 and the Kuznetsov was only $30, so I asked him if there was anything we could do to work something out for the Lemiuex.  I was a bit shocked when he said that, knowing it was in low grade, he could do it one-for-one.  I’ve posted previously about my small Mario PC, but I’ve never had one of these.


To be honest, the condition was much better than it looked in the photograph that I’d seen.  As excited as I was to get it, there was that much more of a thrill because of the condition.  This one certainly has gone down as one of my favorite trades.  Sometimes, it’s just really fun to collect!

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