A new, second oldest, PC card #Mailday

One evening recently, I was looking through old football cards on the eBay app.  I looked through all the 1955 All American cards (even though I want to buy all of mine in person) but once I was done, I started looking at some different years.  I came across a low grade card that had less than five minutes left in the auction.  I placed a bid, knowing that even if I actually had the new high bid, I’d be outbid before it ended.

It doesn’t happen often, but I was wrong.  So, I was the lucky winner of this card and had no complaints!


That, my friends, is a 1948 Bowman Kenny Washington.  It is now the second oldest card I own.  Only my 1909 T51 Murad West Virginia University golf card is older.

If you don’t know who Kenny Washington is, you should do a quick search.  I won’t run down everything, but the most important thing is that he is the Jackie Robinson of the NFL.  He was the first black player in the post-war era of the league.  Also, he played college football at UCLA with Robinson.  I will leave you to your own to educate yourself furthermore on Washington.  I’m proud to give this card a new home.

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