A non-eBay 1980s Hockey #Mailday

It’s no secret that I’m looking for options other than eBay to sell.  I’m also looking at other options to pick items up as well, since I know more and more people are trying to get away from there.

I wrote a few days ago about a pickup of mine off Sports Cards Direct.  This lot, I snagged on Facebook.  More and more of these seem to be popping up on there and it reminds me of late 1990s AOL.  I remember buying a few cards from people in chat rooms on there.  I’ve never been buying expensive cards, so if I was taken, I’d be mad for a few days and then I’d get over it.  Same thing here, although now that I’m older I’m better able to “research” if someone is likely legit.

LINK:  Sports Card Direct #Mailday – an alternative to eBay?

One day last week, I ended up with this lot for a pretty low price.  There’s nothing spectacular here, but it was a chance to pick up a couple of Lemieuxs.


It was also slightly nostalgic for me as well.  The very first hockey cards I has were 1990-91 Topps.  I started collecting hockey cards in 1987 but just baseball and football.  My best friend growing up played hockey.  He didn’t collect cards.  I collected cards, but not hockey.  It was the perfect match.  I bought him packs of hockey cards for his birthday and I got a few myself.  In the handful of packs I got, I pulled two Gretzkys and two Roys.  Those cards are long gone, so it was cool to pick them back up in this lot.  As I so often say, the hobby is about fun!

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