A “Pay it Forward” #Mailday

I’ve become friends (of the social media variety) over the last year with Matt in Indiana.  I believe we first made a trade in a hockey card buy/sell/trade group.  We made a couple more trades after that as well.  We’ve never met but are Facebook friends, chat about cards from time to time and share a love of player super collecting.

Matt PCs Tyler Toffoli, so as I’ve made trades or purchases, I’ve picked up some for him from time to time and sent to him.  I believe I sent him a (football) autograph of a player from him alma mater and maybe a couple other random things.  It’s just been small things, but I’ve always sent them as a “pay it forward” thing and knew that some day he’d eventually come across something for me and return the favor.

In my opinion, the hobby needs more guys like this.  Guys that are in the hobby for the fun and aren’t worried about what something is “worth” on every transaction.

Recently, he got my address again and said a package would be on the way shortly.  A few days later a bubble mailer with a return address that I knew well arrived, containing a couple of Andrew Shaw cards.


I must say, I was pretty happy to add these two!  While I did have at least one copy of each already, it was really awesome to get another of each.  I’m not a big Panini fan but as I’ve posted previously, I am a big fan of the “Social Signatures” program they put together.  As I write this and look at The Andrew Shaw Project album, I only see that I have one of the Upper Deck Exclusives.  I’m not sure that is right and I will have to check.  However, I NEVER mind multiples of numbered cards if I can get them at the right price.  If you’ve ever seen the album, you already know this.

Two more cards added to The Andrew Shaw Project.  Thanks, Matt!

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  1. I need to get into a hockey card buy/sell/trade group. I have some interesting cards and am interested I knowing if I have anything good.

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