A PC Addition a year in the making

Canadians are good people.  Over a year ago I got in contact with Joel in Calgary on Sports Card Forum.  He had an Andrew Shaw card that I needed for my PC.  However, it was right before I moved to Texas and I knew that I was going to have to pass and just hope that I could come across the card at a later time.

After some time, Joel got in touch with me again mentioning that he had the card.  Unfortunately, he had to fly out for business, so it gave me a little time to sell off some things to come up with what I needed to snag this beauty.


Picking this up has me just one card short of the “rainbow” that I may never complete.


The card that I still need is the “Black” 1/1 copy.  It is on eBay as a part of a rainbow and the seller is asking $1500 for it.  As much as I love the challenge of putting together my PC, I am not going to overpay for cards.  This is certainly one of the frustrations of player collecting.

If you read this, thank you Joel for helping contribute to The Andrew Shaw Project!

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