A #RAOK #Mailday for me.

Shortly after the National ended, Chris from Indianapolis send me a message on twitter and said he had some things to send me.  We hadn’t made any trades before, but were both loyal customers of Baseball Card Exchange in Indy (before I moved).  He said that it was just because I couldn’t make The National.  I’ve mentioned multiple people in the past that make the hobby a lot better and don’t worry about every last dollar.  Chris is just another example.

I had no idea what was coming but I received the box a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t have been more happy when I saw the first card!


I believe this is my ninth one of these.  I absolutely love the Anthology stick cards and am excited to add this one to my PC.


This was the second card that I saw and it is also already in my PC.  It’s only the second Toews PC card I have.  The other is an Anthology Stick card like the Shaw that I wrote about previously.

img189 img188 img190 img191 img192 img200

These Blackhawks have also been added to the PC.

img193 img194 img196 img195 img198 img197 img199

Chris also sent all of these cards.  I’ve decided since that I’m really going to narrow down my PC.  After talking with him, I’ve decided that I’m going to do what he did for me, and I will send these out in further random acts of kindness at a later time.  They don’t fit in for me and I’m confident I can find somewhere that they will be among friends.  I feel that the hobby should be more of a brotherhood (or sisterhood, if the female collectors prefer) and I do like doing for others.  It’s the least that I can do.

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