A Start to the 2015-16 OPC Rainbow

If you’ve followed the blog for a little while, you know that I’ve elected to change “how” I collect.  It will be very rare that I buy boxes going forward.  I’d rather just spend that money on cards that I actually want.  Taking this route, I will have to buy most of the single for my Andrew Shaw PC.

Very shortly after OPC hit the shelves, I received a Facebook message from a fellow Shaw fan, Jim.  He had been collecting Shaw, but decided to give up the “super collecting” and maintain a more base Shaw PC.  When he decided to go that route, he sold me a couple of Shaws that I needed.  He messaged to tell me that someone he picks up OPC cards from each year had pulled a Shaw blank back and wanted to know if I was interested.  Hell yes I was!  I haven’t been able to acquire any previous years’ blank backs.  I’ve seen one on eBay and it just made me angry.

Jim was able to get me four of the OPC cards in one transaction.  No matter how frustrated a I get with some of the “collectors” in the hobby, it’s nice to know that there are folks like Jim that are happy to help others out.

img307 img308

img309 img310

img311 img312

img313 img314

It was an absolutely great start to the rainbow and I have picked up the toughest of them all, the blank back.  Thank you, Jim.  You’ve certainly been the single biggest contributor (in quantity) to The Andrew Shaw Project.

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  1. you my friend are what makes this hobby enjoyable, your passion for your collection is unmatched !!!

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