Additions from the Indy 500 Memorabilia Show

During Legends Day (the day before the Indianapolis 500) at the track, the annual memorabilia show was held.  There was so much there to see that it was tough to take it all in.  If I had it, I could have spent tens of thousands of dollars in there.

I didn’t, though.  I walked the room once and early on, I found from cards from the 1060 Parkhurst Hawes Wax Indy set.  They were at much better prices than can be found online.  I was excited, thinking I would find more cards from that set or other ones that I am working on.  Unfortunately, I didn’t.  However, I was able to pick up four low grade copies for my set.



Obviously the cards are low grade copies.  They are more readily available than some other sets I want to complete, but they are far from easy to find.  Most cards I’ve seen start at about $8 (plus shipping).  I was able to pick up all four copies for $20.  I was happy at that price, but the fact that I got a couple of more popular Indy 500 winners (Ward and Sweikert) made it all the better.  I walked out spending only that $20, but left very happy.

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  1. I’m going to have to try and make it to that show one of these days – that’s a great deal. Love that set; nice and simple with bright colors, plus you get a picture of the car AND driver, which is a concept that seems lost on modern card makers. Nice get!

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