An Andrew Shaw Starting Lineup?

Kin Kinsley
July 22,2016

The Andrew Shaw Project has been in a coma the last few months.  It’s lost some weight as I’ve thinned out the collection.  It ain’t dead just yet.

After my interview on Beckett Radio last week, I must have caught the bug just a little.  Or, maybe it was that I loved and collected Starting Lineups as a teen.  When I saw this, I wasn’t passing it up.

Andrew Shaw Custom Starting Lineup

For a couple of years, I planned to commission someone to make a custom Shaw piece.  Now, I don’t need to.  However, I am not ruling out having the artist make another for me, this time in a Canadiens sweater.  (I can’t believe I am considering that.)

I am not artistic or crafty at all.  I’m an analytical person.  That makes me appreciate the artist’s work even more.  I’m amazed at not only what we did to the figuring, but somehow the packaging looks like the piece is fresh off the shelf.

I highly recommend checking out the artist’s Facebook page – Patrick’s Custom Painting.  Whether it’s Shaw or someone else, he will be getting more of my business.  I was also thrilled with the price I paid.  I used the Buy It Now option instead of letting the auction run and am still thrilled at the price.

Maybe the Andrew Shaw Project it opening it’s eyes…ever so slightly.


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