An Express #Mailday

I posted a few times about a Facebook page for sports cards auctions.  I’m sure there are many and probably some that would fit better with what I’m interested in.  One positive is that you will often see things that you’re interested in, but wouldn’t have searched out on eBay.  This is one of those cases.

I recently posted about a few small pickups at Duane’s Sportscards in Arlington, Texas.  One of the items that I picked up was a 186 Leaf Kirby Puckett.  I explained in that article why I was so interested in it.  That reason is exactly why I picked up this Nolan Ryan lot.  There were four of those 1986 Leaf cards and they are very condition sensitive.  I asked the seller if the cards were in good shape (the initial picture wasn’t all that great) and he said that he felt they were.  It’s hard to know what to expect, but I bid and won the auction.  I didn’t end up with a BGS 10 or anything, but I was still happy with the cards.


There were other Ryan cards in there, but they are all probably headed for my quarter box.  I’m very confident that around here, there’s someone that will be happy to give them a great home and appreciate them more than I ever would.


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