An Outside-The-Box PC Mailday

You should know by now that I’m very limited in what I actually collect and keep.  The subject of this post is one that’s not a normal subject for me.  I honestly don’t even remember how this showed up on my radar on eBay.  Somehow, it showed up as something I should look at and I did.

When Chuck Bednarik died in March, I wanted to scan and post my autographed card.  I looked multiple times through my PC boxes and simply couldn’t find it.  All I can think is that at some point when I needed a little extra money, I sold it.  I was sad at the time, figuring it would now cost me more to get another than I’d want to put into it.  That was until a couple of weeks ago, when through some divine intervention it showed up for me to snag at what I felt was a great price.  It was close to ending and I posted the max I would pay.  I figured that I would be outbid, but when I woke up the next morning, I saw the notification that I had won.


If you have no idea who Bednarik is, shame on you.  He is both a College and Pro Football Hall of Famer.  He was the last of the “60 minute men,” in the NFL, playing both offense and defense.  He was named to the NFL’s 50th and 75th Anniversary team and has many other football honors.

According to the book “Collecting Vintage Football Cards” (which I am currently reading), Bednarik’s 1948 Leaf rookie card is 33rd on the list of top 100 vintage football cards.  His 1952 Bowman Large checks in at #94.  My local card shop has a copy of the 1948 Leaf.  I hope that one day it is mine.

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