Apparently, this @eBay user has cable, not DirecTv

I don’t understand why people have issues just fixing mistakes they make.

One day in the mail, I received a “postage due” not from USPS for a package shipped to me.  Not only is it annoying because, well, I’d ALREADY PAID POSTAGE, but also, I had to wait an additional five days to receive my item.  I have a job and a life.  It’s not always an easy thing to just “head over” to the post office.  I had paid $3 shipping, which is completely fair.  When I received the bubble mailer, it had 98 cents postage on it.  I don’t know how any seller can think this is a legitimate amount of postage on a bubble mailer.

Again, I was in the middle of a busy couple of weeks.  So about a week later, I messaged seller “slapshot58,” simply asking for a refund for the money that I had to pay the post office to pick my item up.  All I asked was that amount, which I felt was completely fair.  I didn’t ask for anything else, regardless of the time and inconvenience this caused.


I felt that my message was polite and to the point.  To be honest, I thought I’d get something to the effect of, “my apologies, I have refunded the amount.” I thought wrong.  This was the reply:


Well, the reason is because you didn’t pay enough. Regardless, I politely replied with the message and two pics below.  I sent the pics so that the seller knew that I was being legit.


070 003

After waiting more than two days, I still hadn’t received any form of response from the seller, so I followed up.


At least I received a reply this time.  However, the seller still seems to think that I work for the postal service.


I’m getting pretty annoyed at this point, but I’ve decided that I will be civil through all of this.


I received no reply or refund and it had been four days at this point.  I’d never been through anything like this before, so I filed a claim.  Perhaps I did it incorrectly, but again, I’d never dealt with such a ridiculous situation before.  So, I filed as not received but put into the text of the claim that all I was looking for was the refund for the shipping.


It didn’t take long for the seller to respond through the claim with these three messages:




In addition, I received these this message, but not through the claim.


Can anyone tell me how I’ve been a hassle?  I’ve simply asked for something that should legitimately be refunded.  I’ve been polite (at least in my opinion) the entire time.  When I read this (the next day) I had no sympathy whatsoever, hence my reply:


At that point, I went to bed for the night and saw this message the next day:


So, I withdrew the claim so that he could get access to his account, refund my money and we could move on.  More than two days later, still nothing (shocker), so I messaged again:


Finally, after more than a week, I received a resolution and one more classy message:


Well, it was the end of the communication, no doubt.  Am I in the wrong here?  I’d love to hear your opinion.

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  1. Your response was very fair. He most likely figured that you would get annoyed and go away. Dont sweat it, justice was served. He knows hes a shit sipper.

  2. I actually had this problem as a seller at the start of the year. For some reason, the Paypal shipping costs didn’t line up. I had a few sellers contact me with the issue, so after I got preemptive and told the people that this could be a problem. I told them that if it was an issue, I would reimburse them.

  3. You were more than fair, but I also agree with Angry Card Collector. Paypal does not do a good job in lining up their shipping costs. They are not the best company at follow through with their own policies, but they are also slow to adjust. As an Ebay old timer, I like being able to print the postage off on the site, but this shortage issue has happened to me as both a seller and buyer before. It’s kind of a no-man’s land that they have not addressed, nor do they seem to be interested in making a decision about how to solve it.

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