Baseball Card of the Week: 2010 Joel Youngblood Topps More Tales of the Game #MTOG-1

This week’s Baseball Card of the Week come from the 2010 Topps More Tales of the Game insert set.  More specifically, it’s the Joel Youngblood #MTOG-1 card that features him in both a Mets and Expos uniform.  The whole reason this card was created is because Youngblood did something way back in 1982 that was an MLB first and it hasn’t been duplicated since.

On August 4, 1982, Youngblood became the only MLB player to ever get two hits for two different teams in two different cities on the same day! Of course you’re first thought is “how did that happen” and now I’m going to tell you.

During an afternoon game for the Mets against the Cubs at Wrigley field, Joel recorded a single that drove in two runs in the third inning.  Shortly thereafter, he was replaced by Mookie Wilson and notified that he had been traded to the Montreal Expos.  He then hurried to Philadelphia where the Expos were playing the Phillies in a night game.  During that game, he hit a single in the seventh inning thus completing his historic day that hasn’t been matched since.

While Joel Youngblood is not necessarily a household name, he will forever be remembered for this historic day and now you can own a Topps card depicting it.

10610-MTOG-1 Bk

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