Baseball Card of the Week: April 12, 2015

This week’s Baseball Card of the Week comes after watching Disney’s The Rookie earlier today on TV and watching this movie reminded me just how many players spend less than a season in the majors.  It also reminded me that I never did get around to adding a Jim Morris card to my collection so eBay searching I went.

Jim made his MLB debut in 1999 at the ripe ol’ age of 35 as a pitcher for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. He has since gained notoriety after a Disney movie titled The Rookie, based on his MLB debut and the years leading up to it, was released in 2002 starring Dennis Quaid as Morris.

Jim Morris is far from a household name, but apparently his autographed rookie cards from 2000 Upper Deck SPx and SP Chirography still fetch $15-20 regularly.  Not too shabby for someone who pitched a grand total of 15 innings on the senior circuit.  However, Morris also has a handful of non-autographed rookies that can be had for under $2 regularly, including the 2000 Bowman #164 pictured.

Owning a Jim Morris card will never break the bank and it’s a neat piece of history that you will get more people talking than even the most expensive card in your collection.  Get yours today!

On a sidenote…..too bad Dennis Quaid didn’t grow that awesome facial hair for the movie!

The Rookie 2000 Bowman Jim Morris

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