Bean’s Ballcard Blog is Live – No April Fools’!

It’s no April Fools’ Day joke.  I’ve started my own blog about cards.  What about cards?  Whatever I want.  Whatever WE want.

Who is “WE?”  That is myself and others who have something that they want to talk about in the hobby.  While there are a lot of people in the hobby that don’t get along, there are a lot that do.  I have made friends in “real life” because of sports cards.  I have made plenty of friends through Facebook and Twitter because of cards.  You will see posts from some of those friends and hobby friends I’ve yet to meet.

Personally, I’m a hockey guy with a little bit football and maybe just the tiniest bit of baseball and racing mixed in.  Well, I bought a Rittenhouse James Bond box back in the fall, but I don’t know if that’s enough to make me a collector.  They are still sitting in a box somewhere.  Maybe in my storage site, maybe under my bed.  Who knows?

Not everyone that reads this is interested in hockey cards.  Some of you may be into football and baseball.  Those are obviously more collected both in these here United States and likely worldwide.  Heck, some of you may be into vintage.  That’s something I’m not into, other than inactively attempting to collect the 1955 Topps All America set.  That being the case, I need a little help from my friends on areas I don’t delve into.

Maybe YOU want to be my friend and have opinions.  You can email if you have something you’d like to write about.  We definitely could use someone with basketball expertise.

There’s no set group of things we will write about.  There will be some pack/box breaks.  A lot of opinions.  However, we aren’t a sports card news site.  There are already some great sites out there for that.  There’s no particular days or times we will post.  Maybe there are a few days between posts.  Since we aren’t reporting hobby news, it’s all about when something worthwhile comes up.  You don’t want to sort through a bunch of garbage you don’t care about, do you?

I have a lot of things I’d love to get opinions on from readers.  Ideally, it’d be great if you have a WordPress account and can comment on the post itself.  If you don’t, though, there are always our Facebook and Twitter pages.  You can also follow those to see our posts.

This is just a blog by collectors, for collectors, and for fun.  I have written for in the past, the only time I’ve actually used my college degree.  I want to get back to writing for fun.  I’m opinionated and need an outlet and a place to discuss with others.

Hopefully you’ll follow us and enjoy.  We’re still in the infant stage and there are many updates and upgrades already in the planning stages.


Enjoy your April Fools’ Day!


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