Big Pickup at a Small Price for the 1955 All-American Set

One evening, the wifey and I were watching a little TV after dinner.  I was looking at some things on my tablet and decided to check eBay for some 1955 All-American cards.  I found an SGC (low) graded Red Grange.  It was one that I needed for my set.  It has the third highest “book” value in the set.

I watched the card and as it got closer to the end, I decided to just go ahead and throw out a bid.  I didn’t think it would win, but it was all I wanted to go at the time.  I do love vintage cards graded by SGC and the Grange is one I have really been wanting to pick up.  I didn’t just want it for the set, I wanted it for ME.

While I’m not much interested in the current NFL, I do love college and NFL history.  I’ve read my fair share of books and have about 20 more in hand that I need to read.

I was shocked to win it, but was glad I did.  I am fully aware that it’s extremely low grade.  I do know that there is paper loss on the front and back.  However, I picked it up for less than 10% of the “book” value, so I was thrilled.  I will eventually pick up an upgrade for the set.  However, this one will likely always be in my personal collection.

1955 Topps All American #27 Red Grange

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