BOX BREAK: 2012-13 Upper Deck Hockey BLASTER

When I took this blaster out of the closet, the receipt was still in the bag.  It was dated April 9.  Yup, I allowed this to sit in my closet for almost four months?  Why?  Well, I have had plenty of things to write about since the blog started. Also, there’s really nothing that outstanding in this product.  This is from the season of the last lockout and there’s just one series.  There aren’t many noteworthy rookies.  The ones that were had their cards in the 2013-14 product, resulting in the “dual rookie class” that is often spoken of.  My steady blog readers know that I rarely pass up Upper Deck blasters that are marked down.  This isn’t the first of these that I’ve busted in the last year, but it is the first that I’ve blogged about.


I got a little excited and removed the shrinkwrap before the obligatory pic.  Oopsie!

Among the Young Guns, there are no players that are really high dollar.  The Mark Stone is the best, booking at $25.  There are four others (Torey Krug, Sven Baertschi, Chris Kreider and Jaden Scwartz) that book $20.  There’s only another handful that are over $10, so all-in-all, not much here.  These were my two Young Guns:


My inserts were nothing noteworthy either.  Buying this blaster, though, I basically knew I wasn’t going to “get anything” back.


I basically ended up with a bunch of cards for dime boxes at some of the local card shows.  However, you just never know what you’ll get, even out of a blaster.  I don’t open boxes much anymore, so anytime I do, it’s really all about the fun of it.

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