BOX BREAK: 2012 Goodwin Champions Blaster

I’ve never gotten into the Goodwin Champions or Americana type products that are out there.  I feel they are probably more for set collectors, which is something that I am not.  I’ve put together some sets in the last couple of years when I’ve bought wax, but it’s not anything that I truly desire to do.

At some point, I found a box of this at Walmart, 40% off.


LINK: 2012 Goodwin Champions Checklist

I’m on Twitter more than Facebook these days and I have seen how excited some collectors are over the product.  I decided that for the low price, I would give it a try just to see.  I had a basic knowledge in that there were mini cards and that it’s a cross-sport product.  I was aware that there was non-sports figures in there as well.  I did have to ask a friend what “sport” these were considered, as far as a price guide is concerned.

I had to consult the set checklist online, as I had no idea what it was that I was looking for.  I had no idea that there were short prints and Super Short Prints in the product.


The four short prints I ended up with were Stan Musial (#152), Prince Amukama (#161), Jelly Roll Morton (#170) and Joe McGinnity (#183).  I was also fortunate to hit one of the 20 SSPs, #210 John Ringling.  Also pictured above is one of the “Military Machines” insert set #MM2, the CSS-Virginia.


I ended up with five of the minis.  The green parallel is #224, Matt Szczur.  The base minis are Abby Wamback (#79), Me’Lisa Barber/Mikele Barber (#95), Jared Hoying (#217) and Ryne Sandberg (#101).

Since none of the minis or short prints were hockey, there’s not much I can do with these.  Most will just go into my dime, quarter and dollar boxes for when I set up at local shows.  It was interesting to check out the product, but I don’t see myself picking up any more of these.  For myself, there’s just not much there.  You never know until you try, though.

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