BOX BREAK: 2015 Allen & Ginter Blaster

Kin Kinsley
August 8, 2016

Yesterday afternoon we were out running errands and one of the stops on the agenda was Target.  The boxes of junk wax I opened this weekend (check our Twitter feed) had me in the mood to open a little more.  I saw a box that I had in the basket, but I put it back and didn’t grab it.

After dinner, I decided that I was going to go back and get it.  In a way I was hoping it wouldn’t even be there anymore, but there is was…


I didn’t rip into it immediately, but there was no way it was lasting until today.  After all, I made a trip back specifically for it.  Below are the results.  If you still need some of these for your collection, let me know.


I had some idea what to look for after opening a couple packs of 2016 A & G, but there could be cards I didn’t know were good ones.  I checked COMC after I opened everything and the Vulcano card was one of the ones with the highest asking price.



I was surprised to find that a Joc Pederson rookie had an asking prive of just 19 cents on COMC.


The Carlos Gonzalez mini black was one of the two best cards in my blaster.  On an unrelated note, Joe Buck sucks.  The only way I can explain him getting the gigs he does is that he must have compromising photos of some powerful people.


The Rocky Balboa is an Allen & Ginter back and the other of the two “best” cards from the blaster.


I’m biased but I love “The Alamo” card.  It’s in my home state and I visited there for the first time last year.  Based on the pictures I’ve seen, I was really shocked how small the front (what you see on the card) is.  I thought it was probably ten times bigger.



I was surprised to find that of the cards in my box, the Tropeano (whoever he is) was one of the cards with the highest asking price on COMC.  Many people go by “eBay price.”  I now look at COMC.  That’s my gauge.

Nothing to write home about, but I guess enough to write a blog post about.  I didn’t have high expectations, so I can’t say I’m disappoined at the $13 price point.  At $20, it would have been a different story.

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  1. Always fun to read what people find when they do a break/opening. I love the Allen and Ginter line and love to see what people find. I did find it surprising that there were only two baseball players in the first pack and one baseball player in the second pack. For someone who is expecting players, those two packs would have been highly disappointing.

  2. That Alamo card is pretty sweet. What you have to remember about that place is that the chapel (what’s depicted on the card) was in the center of a walled compound. Those walls are where the majority of the stand was made, but most of those walls don’t exist anymore. We were in San Antonio this spring and I got to take my two sons there for the first time; it’s a pretty special place.

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