BOX BREAK: 2015 Topps Heritage WWE Blaster #1

I’ve always been a fan of Topps’ Heritage sets.  I wish more companies could run something like these, but Topps is the only one that has the “history” to do it.  They don’t mail it in, either.

I decided that I want to put together the 2015 Heritage base set, so I picked up three blasters at Walmart.  I hope that this will allow me to complete it and get close to completing the insert sets as well.  Not sure if I will finish those insert sets off or just move the cards.

My first blaster ended up exactly as I would expect.  The odds were straight on and I didn’t hit anything spectacular.  I wasn’t upset with that, since the base set is my goal.


The nWo inserts are about one per box, so I don’t anticipate finishing off that insert set.  I was really excited to hit the Big Boss Man (that’s who he will always be to me) card, as he was one of my favorites as a kid.  I remember his feud with Hulk Hogan and I really wanted him to take Hogan down.  I guess that prepared me for a lifetime of being disappointed by WVU football.

I’ll end up putting the black borders that I have into a lot and selling them on eBay.  Since I’m not interested in the relics, I am selling the three unopened pack on eBay.  Feel free to make an offer if you’re interested in them.

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