BOX BREAK: 2015 Topps Heritage WWE Blaster #3

The third of my three blasters of Heritage was about the same as the first two, but that’s what I expected (links to posts on the first two boxes below).  I picked these up because I want to do the set.  If there’s anything I can “move,” that’s a bonus, but I don’t expect it.  I have already sold off the three packs that have the relics.  I was able to get $20 (before the ridiculous eBay and Paypal fees), so I essentially paid for one blaster.


In each of the first two boxes, I got just one of the black border cards.  I was surprised to see two in this one.  It’s a shame neither was one that I would keep.  I’ll likely just post them for sale on my Sports Card Direct storefront.


I have no idea who all is in this set, but I will assume it is most of the former nWo members.  There were one of these per blaster.  After hitting the Big Boss Man (one of my all time favorites) in box one and the Bret Hart in box two, this one was a bit of a disappointment.  As we know with cards, they can’t all be winners.

There was nothing else too noteworthy, but as I was going through this box, I had a thought.  The “Then and Now” inserts made me think of how cool it would be to have father/son cards.  For all I know, this may have happened in another set.


I would love to see both of these guys on one card.  What about a dual auto?  Maybe it’s happened and I just don’t know it.  If they had to throw Bo Dallas on there I wouldn’t be as excited, but he is a part of the family.


You could also picture these three superstars with their fathers Mr. Perfect, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and Cowboy Bob Orton.  If you wanted to go deeper into family ties, you have plenty of cousins on the current WWE roster.

I’d love it if they could do that with signatures.  One unique thing about WWE, unlike sports, is that you could catch most wrestlers at one event at one time.  There shouldn’t be a need for sticker autographs if you wanted to put multiple guys together.  What I think are great ideas for the card companies, they probably don’t agree with.  It doesn’t appear they want to think outside the box and put much try into their products.

I guess that’s why I’m mostly a vintage guy now.

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