BOX BREAK: 2016 Topps Heritage WWE Hobby Box

Kin Kinsley
October 16, 2016

Earlier today I headed over to Duane’s Sportscards, thinking that there was a card show there this weekend.  I was incorrect, it is next weekend, so I spent a little time in the shop.  After yesterday grabbing a 2016 Topps Heritage WWE blaster at Walmart, I looked to see if Duane’s had hobby boxes.  They did.  I decided I want to complete this set, since the design is the same as 1986 Topps Baseball, the first set that I owned.

Packs per box: 24
Cards per pack: 9
Boxes per case: 12
Set size: 110 cards

• Autographs, Memorabilia Cards, Manufactured Patch Cards and Printing Plates – 2 Total
• The Rock Tribute Inserts – 4
• Record Breakers Inserts – 24
• Turn Back the Clock Inserts – 24
• WCW/nWo All-Stars Inserts – 24

I can say that my box was exactly what was expected.  That is a very good thing.

I was very pleased that there was a complete 100-card set in my box.  This means that unless I want to chase hits, or get the last few inserts that I need, I do not need to purchase another box.  I also ended up with 25 duplicates.  I would have been really excited if any of them were Bayley, Kevin Owens or Bray Wyatt…but it is what it is.

The box contained two of the silver parallels, which are numbered to 50 and hobby exclusives.

RECORD BREAKERS is a 30 card set that is inserted one per pack.  I ended up with 24 of the 30 cards in the set since there were no duplicates.

TURN BACK THE CLOCK is a 15 card set, inserted one card per pack.  I ended up with a complete set and nine duplicates.

WCW/NWO ALL STARS is the third set inserted at one per pack.  I did not receive any duplicated, so I have 24 of the 40 cards in the set.

THE ROCK TRIBUTE are one in six packs.  I received the expected four cards.

2016 Topps Heritage WWE – The Rock Tribute Cards #23, 25, 28 & 30

Each box does state on the outside that there are two hits per box, and that’s what I received.  I’m not always the biggest fan of Topps, but at least on the WWE cards I have purchased over the past few years, they have not done me wrong.

I received one autographed card.  I am quite happy that these are on-card and not stickers (or at least mine was).  Tyler Breeze isn’t one that really does anything for me, but never do we as collectors end up with that “perfect” box.

Much like I said with the Tyler Breeze card, Naomi isn’t the Kiss Card that would have been at the top of my list.  However, some of the top female names were not included in this set.  Also, these are inserted at just a little more than one per case, so I really can’t complain.

I’ve bought a solid amount of Topps WWE product over the last handful of years.  I have not ever been disappointed.  What was different this time was that this is actually the first hobby box I have bought.  I’ve always picked up Walmart blasters or rack packs before today.

As someone wanting a complete a set, a hobby box is probably the best way to go.  I was able to get the complete base set and did well on the three one-per-pack insert sets.  There’s no guarantee that in three blaster boxes I’d complete a set.  It’s likely, but there’s no guarantee.  Those are $19.99 a pop, so why not just buy the hobby box and get a guaranteed couple of hits?  I will probably move all of mine just to recoup the some of the money that I basically paid for my set.  I’m a happy guy and this is certainly the approach I will take on WWE sets going forward.


  1. I’ve never bought a hobby box of WWE product either, but it would be nice to complete the set in one fell swoop.

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