BOX BREAK: 4 2014-15 MVP Blaster Boxes

It’s no secret that MVP is the low end product in the Upper Deck line.  You aren’t looking at high-end autographs in the product.  However, it can be worth the price if you are patient and can find traders, especially if it’s marked down.  In this case, that’s the only reason I picked it up from a local Target.  They had been marked from $19.99 down to $9.99.  I picked these boxes up probably two months ago but just recently got around to opening them.


You can’t hit Super Scripts or Colors and Contours in the retail product.  What you can hit are the Gold Scripts, which were retail exclusives.  Likely because of price point on blasters, a relatively small percentage of these have hit the secondary market.  On the stated odds, there are actually no odds listed for the Gold Scripts.


In the fall, I bought three or four of these and was only able to hit one gold script.  It was at least one of the better ones you can get (Jonathan Quick), but I still haven’t moved it.   However, I just noticed that it’s not in my bucket o’ traders, so no wonder I still have it.

Looking at the odds above, you can hit multiple inserts, including some game used and autographs, though the odds are astronomical.  There were only seven rookies in the set, but Teuvo Teravainen and Evgeny Kuznetsov are two of them.  You can also get the short prints, though the odds aren’t as good as in hobby boxes.

CHECKLIST:  2014-15 MVP Hockey

None of the base cards that I got will be pictured.  However, most of the stars were SPs in the set.

BOX #1

Silver Scripts





Short Prints




Three Stars of the Week


Gold Script


Box #2

Silver Scripts





Short Prints


Three Stars of the Week


Gold Script


Box #3

Silver Scripts

img915 img916

img917 img918

Short Prints

img921 img920 img919

img922 img925 img924

img927 img926

Three Stars of the Week

img928 img929

Box #4

Silver Scripts

img932 img930

img931 img933



Short Prints

img938 img940 img935

img939 img941

img936 img937

Three Stars of the Week


Gold Script


All in all, I’m pretty happy with how I did.  I got the highest book value rookie in Teravainen.  I also got three gold scripts and those players could have been a lot worse.  In time I hope to be able to move these and the commons will all go into my dime boxes for when I set up at local card shows.  At the end of the day, it was all fun.  I needed a little bit of therapy and this was definitely good for it.

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