Buying Beckett Publications Online…It’s Simple Really

If you’re like me, your options for a local card shop are slim and the ones that do exist are overpriced. So, when it comes to buying little hobby necessities like storage supplies or a Beckett, it can sometimes be a hassle. Sometimes it’s such a hassle that’s it not worth the time I’d have to spend accomplishing that day’s task. 

Then one day, you just have an epiphany. You’re not sure how it happens it it does and it’s a pretty good feeling. The particular epiphany I’m talking about is the one where I realized I could probably buy Beckett issues directly from the source. 

I was right! And they’re affordable!

A few weeks back I was searching for the new Beckett Vintage Collector and I was not having any luck finding it. I typically buy my Beckett publications on my iPad but since my son has taken ownership of the iPad, I’ve resorted back to in-hand copies. In doing so, finding the latest issues can be somewhat of a chore because I usually purchase them at Walmart. Well, this time I was having trouble finding the latest BVC and then one day it hit me: check eBay! 

I’m glad I did. Beckett has an eBay seller page (you can visit here) where they sell their publications and sometimes they’re cheaper than you can find them on the newsstand or in you local card shop! 

Bottom line…I was able to get the brand new Beckett Vintage Collector for $9.99 with free shipping and handling! My search was over and it was quite painless. I encourage everyone to use this method when purchasing their Becketts. It worked extremely well for me and it was a good value!

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  1. Thanks Jason for mentioning Beckett on your Blog. Good to hear that you had great experience with Beckett. Customer satisfaction always matters. We have already created a special issues section on our Beckett Media site. I hope you will like that. Thanks for visiting Beckett.

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