Cards from the dollar box at the local card shop

I stopped into one of the local card shops on Saturday to pick up a couple of storage boxes.  One of the guys had placed a handful of two row boxes out and had marked them down to a dollar.  Two of them were hockey, so of course, I had to go through.  It was mostly 1990s and 2000s of guys that were once stars or prospects but no longer are.  I did find a few of them that I decided to pick up, though.


There’s little doubt why I picked these ones up.  The Stan Mikita is a Stan Mikita.  It’s also numbered out of 675.  Even though he wasn’t playing for the Blackhawks, Dominik Hasek was my favorite goaltender throughout the 1990s.  One reason was that he was just so damn good.  The other was that we have the same birthday.  I do keep the few cards of his from when he’s in a Blackhawks sweater and also any memorabilia cards I can get my hands on.  Hopefully I will acquire an autograph someday.


The Sheldon Keefe cards were picked up for prospecting reasons.  I may just hold onto them and look to move later or maybe even try to get some TTM autographs.  Keefe was recently hired as the new head coach of the Toronto Marlies (the Maple Leafs’ AHL affiliate) at the age of 34.  He retired after a short NHL career and some more time in the minors.  He’s been a very successful coach and could be the head man of an NHL team in the next few seasons.

LINK:  Sheldon Keefe hired as coach of AHL Toronto Marlies

If he makes it to the NHL ranks, he would hardly be the first former player to make that jump.  However, he might be the first player to have a game used card issued during his playing days.  Keefe’s 2000-01 SPx card has a piece of used jersey from a CHL game.


Mario Lemieux.  That is all.


These two were just picked up as trade bait.  Once I got home and looked at the OPG, I was surprised to find that the Gilmour Elite Series only books $3.  While there are 10,000, I expected more.  There are also 10,000 of the early baseball Elite Series cards, but I’ve looked and they can go for good money on eBay.  Nonetheless, it might be the only early 1990s Elite Series I’ve had, so it’s still cool.  I know there are Felix Potvin collectors and that the old masks cards are still popular, so I figured it was a good pickup.  I will be able to find him a good home.

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